Inspirational Speaker, Eve Moffatt

Before her stroke, Eve Moffatt incorporated her world-class skills as a professional speaker and writer into her inspirational keynote speeches. She had to overcome more than her share of life’s adversities. Growing older is another adversity Eve faces; she shares her thoughts and humor on the subject. However, Eve’s strong faith, determination, and ‘life skills’ helped her step above adversity. She shared these ‘life skills and provided her audiences with practical tools and techniques for getting the most out of life.

Eve continues to live after her stroke by sharing her experiences with others. She believes what the world needs now is hope. Eve shares her passion by sharing her experiences and hope with others.

“We don’t need another attraction or the newest, new and improved detergent. We need to know things are going to get better in our lives. It is up to each of us daily to decide what to do with the time that is given us.”

Eve’s inspirational presence

Eve skillfully relates her experiences on her path to recovery in terms that everyone can understand with compassion and humorous honesty. In addition, she presents a powerful, sometimes raw message of survival to her audience so that it encourages those whose faith in their resilience may be faltering.

“Oh, it is by God’s Amazing Grace that I am still here,” Eve says. It starts with trying to figure out who you truly are. Next is knowing what you are and then what you want to be. Then you have to decide what you’re going to do about it and keep doing about it. Just don’t give up”. Eve speaks from the heart. No matter how hurt, demoralized, or traumatized you’ve felt, Eve’s message about God’s loving grace will be an inspiration to you. She incorporates good, old-fashioned common sense along with her experiences, training, and research. Her energy, humor, passion, and raw honesty allow her to cross cultural, racial, and socioeconomic barriers.

Eve dedicates herself to reaching out to others with her inspirational speeches to touch the hearts of her listeners with her insightful yet always entertaining, humorous presentations.

”Eve is so unwavering in her belief that we never give up on ourselves. She has even written and recorded the song ‘Never Give Up‘ on her second CD entitled ‘God’s Amazing Grace.’ Also, check out her first CD, which is entitled “All About Eve.”  You can hear samples of Eve’s music here.